How to Find a Job or Career If You Are Not a People Person

There are individuals who are very sociable, super energetic and outgoing – the extroverts. They share their endless ideas aloud and want to be noticed by others. And there are the introverts, those individuals who don’t really like to talk or socialize with others. They prefer to be alone and do their individual things. They are more silent and reserved. They think out loud with their minds rather than they do with their voice.

I do have a few clients who were seeking job placement assistance from me and I oftentimes receive this message, “I’m looking for a job that’s not customer service related or engaging with people.”

Well, that is definitely okay, because not everyone is built to thrive as a people person. However, it could be a challenge for them during their job search since they will most likely not want to network with professionals – and we all know that this is the quickest way to landing a job.

Especially since the global health and economic crisis that’s still going on currently, you can look into Work-From-Home jobs that do not require you to be client facing.

In addition, I have compiled a list of jobs and careers that do not require folks to be client facing. (Please note that all salary and educational percentages are obtained from Career One Stop and Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Data Entry Clerks – Basically, this is a very simple and straightforward kind of job. Although it’s not client facing, data entry clerks need to possess basic digital literacy skills – which requires their knowledge in spreadsheets, proficiency in typing, organization/administrative skills and word processing.
This role consists of compiling data, information or other documentation to report to their colleagues and of course ensure accuracy by checking/verifying the data for any errors. The median annual salary varies however, it typically is around $38,000-$39,000 in the NY Metropolitan Area. Over 50% of the workers in this field have a HS diploma (which is a requirement) or with some kind of college degree.
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Actuary – This career requires not only a Bachelor’s degree, but they also need to pass a series of 2-3 exams in the U.S. to become a Certified Actuarial Analyst. That is their passport to landing a financial services career. The median annual salary in the NY Metropolitan Area is $130,100. Actuaries are keen in business (economics, finance, accounting), they are mathematicians (well grounded in algebra, calculus, statistics, probability) and possess strong computer skills since they need to be familiar with statistical analysis programs and many programming languages, as well as manipulating data. Now that you have an idea of their skills and competencies, actuaries combine mathematical reasoning and financial principles to help analyze financial costs of risk for their clients and businesses, and discover solutions to reduce that risk.
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Software Developer/Engineer – They manage the systems software and applications by analyzing, developing, designing, creating and implementing software solutions. The thing about this career is that even though they build these programs for people, they do not need to talk to people while they are performing their duties. What they are engaging with is technology – the network systems, devices and programming. Typically, software developers need a Bachelor’s degree from Computer Science, Software/Computer Engineering or a related field. The median annual salary is typically around $117,680 in the NY Metropolitan Area.
Click here to see how to build a software developer/engineer focused resume!

Computer Programmer – Rather than engaging with people daily, a computer programmer will be engaging with coding languages instead. They are responsible for developing and writing computer programs/applications and assisting software developers to recoup specific data, documents and information as well designing software solutions. Computer programmers are familiar with coding, mathematics and engineering. They will need at least a Bachelor’s degree from Computer Science, Software/Computer Engineering or a related field. The median annual salary is typically around $92,100 in the NY Metropolitan Area.
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Janitor/Custodian/Cleaner – Obviously, this job does not require any kind of formal education and definitely not client facing needed since they are solely focused on making everything spotless, dust free and keeping everything in good condition. There are apprenticeships and certifications that they can take to pick up their skills, so that way they can prove to employers that they are competent and are able to do the job. This job is mainly based on experience and their ability to do the job, since it is labor intensive. Janitors, custodians and cleaners usually need to be able to stand for long hours since they clean everything – buildings, sweeping/mopping floors, windows, walls, doors, mowing grass, cleaning restrooms, removing snow, removing debris, etc. Depending on the employer, some might actually need to have a driver’s license since they might need to drive vehicles to other worksites. In addition, in many cases, they will need to know how to repair things, by putting on their maintenance hats. Over 60% of janitors/custodians/cleaners have a high school diploma or less. About 25% have a college degree, and those are probably students who need a job to pay off their student loans/tuition or to pay rent. The median annual salary is $34,030 in the NY Metropolitan area.
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Technical Writer – Instead of having to communicate with people, all technical writers need to do is to pivot their communication through written expression. They write about technical products. They create step-by-step guides, journal articles, instruction manuals and other electronic matters to make people’s lives easier. Almost 50% of folks in this field typically hold a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Corporate Communications or a relevant field specifically related to scientific writing, engineering, business, computer science, medicine. Over 30% of folks in this field hold a Master’s degree/Doctoral or other related professional degree. However, you can’t get away with just a degree. Experience is more relevant. To write about these inanimate objects, technical writers need to possess technical knowledge of how electronic equipment works, be good researchers and organized as they will need to stay up to date with new technologies and consistently compile technical information and other documentation. The median annual salary is $80,710 in the NY Metropolitan Area.
Click here to see how to build a technical writer focused resume!

Interpreter – This is for those who are bilingual, trilingual and even multilingual! If you love communicating in different languages, if you love translating and if you are sensitive to cultural differences, this could be the career for you. Interpreters are responsible for translating oral or written material from one language to another. On average, over 30% of workers in this field possess a Bachelor’s degree in Foreign Language. Interpreters and translators are very keen on the subject of the structure and subject matter of foreign language. Strong written, verbal and listening abilities are a must to do well in this role. They are also usually very knowledgeable on all aspects of the English language as it is very crucial in analyzing the rules of the framework/anatomy, grammar and pronunciation of each language. The median annual salary is $75,180 in the NY Metropolitan Area.
Click here to see how to build an interpreter focused resume!

Image Reviewer – The good thing about this job is it can be remote and done on a freelance basis! If you love photography, editing and touching up photos and approving images according to the company’s guidelines, this could serve as a good gig for you! According to Real Ways to Earn Money Online, image reviewers are responsible for evaluating the images for overall quality, technical execution, commercial suitability and adherence to the company’s acceptance standards. A popular company to work for in this role would be Shutterstock. In order to qualify, typically 2 or more years of photography experience is highly recommended. Photography careers are very dynamic, but to be very specific, if you have experience as a stock agency contributor, photo editor, portrait photographer, photojournalist/news photographer, freelance photographer or a photo researcher, you should go for it. The median annual salary is $54,845 in the U.S.
Click here to see how to build a photographer focused resume!

Film and Video Editors – If you have a creative mind for storytelling, altering motion pictures as well as synchronizing soundtracks with them, this is how they do it! Over 50% of those in this field hold a Bachelor’s degree in Film Studies. Film and video editors are very well versed with media production, electronic/broadcasting equipment and English language (to edit video & audio recordings). The median annual salary is $75,380 in the NY Metropolitan area.
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Electricians – Instead of working with customers, electricians work with their hands. Electricians work on many electrical repair projects such as, installing street traffic lights, intercom systems repairing electrical wiring systems and control systems. They have to be knowledgeable in troubleshooting and figuring out what is causing the system/programs to not work – which says a lot about their judgment and critical thinking/decision making skills since they have to come up with quick ways to deliver a solution. Folks in this field are usually keen on tools that are associated with construction repair and mechanics – they must be familiar with the machines and tools that they are using to repair (whether it is a highway, road, street lights, etc.). Strong mathematical ability is a highly preferred skillset although not needed. A solid grasp of sums and geometry are helpful for calculating the areas/lengths for securing circuit breakers and wire installations. Algebra is also a big help for computing electrical loads and currents. About 70% of electricians hold a high school diploma/equivalent, or some kind of college degree (Associate’s & Bachelor’s). The median annual salary is $76,610 in the NY Metropolitan area.
Click here to see one way on how to build an “eye-grabbing” electrician focused resume!
Click here to see another way on how to build an electrician focused resume!

Head Chefs – If you are one of those who enjoy cooking and coming up with new recipes to showcase your creative cooking ideas, this may be the right fit for you. Plus, who doesn’t love food? Head chefs prepare ingredients and cook all kinds of meals and desserts. However, they do more than just those. They are responsible for monitoring other staff members to ensure that they are on the right track to provide customer satisfaction, and to swiftly handle any food-related issues. The median annual salary is $58,190 in the NY Metropolitan area. Over 30% of those in this field have a high school diploma or equivalent. No college degree is needed for this, however there are many vocational training schools below offered by Career One Stop that prepare others for this:

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