Does Work Experience or Achievements/Accomplishments Matter More?

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Oftentimes, job seekers like to mention about having years of experience in a specific field or role. Experience is nice, however this doesn’t always prove to employers that you can do the job. You may have the experience, but what about your potential?

According to the PWC survey, 77% of CEOs seek for creativity and innovation in candidates.

You may have over 15 years of experience in Marketing, however you want to support your statement with relevant achievements/accomplishments (at least 2-3). You want to let employers know how you figured something out when nobody could, implemented a new idea or solution for your team or the company that would be relevant to the employer that you are being interviewed for. Of course, relevant and the most recent achievements/accomplishments would be the best impression for employers.

For those who feel like they don’t have any relevant achievements or accomplishments, especially undergraduate students – you may start thinking about your experience, education and even the existing skill sets that you already have. How were you able to contribute to the company that you were trying to help out? Tell your story in a way where it brings out your critical thinking skills, because employers look for that as well.

When you are telling your story to your employer, you want to get into the point but keep it brief and impactful. For example, if you are asked about your greatest achievements – pick something that is as relevant as possible and is relevant for the role.

Example: “My greatest achievement was leading my team and providing support to my boss which processed effectiveness to the workplace. While I was 6 months into my role at my internship, I also had the ability to train an intern who was also hired for the same position that I was hired for. I utilized my skills to teach the intern on what it was like to be an an administrative assistant, from clerical duties to assisting clients with their problems. At the same time, I also collaborated with other departments of the company to centralize the customer database for easy retrieval of information.”

Now jump more into the specifics by discussing about the actions/results you have made!

Example: “To ensure that other departments had easy access and retrieval of information through the customer database, I researched and reviewed the best practices for a more organized electronic filing system. I assessed the top needs of staff for files through means, such as conducting one-on-one interviews with the team for potential adoption. Therefore, I mapped out an organizational strategy and provided a menu of options for my staff to choose from. My research skills helped execute and improve the quality by 80% in overcoming current challenges of the folder organization that our staff was experiencing.”

Wrap it up with closure! End it by saying how you can bring your skills and required experience to the employer.

Example: “Although I loved that role, now I am looking forward to applying my leadership experience coupled with my critical thinking and problem solving skills at your company, and it really excites me.”

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