How The Hiring Season is Looking for Logistics, Freight and the Courier and Delivery Services Industry

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For many decades, retail cashiers and sales associates served as a common entry point into the labor market for generations of workers. However, these positions are becoming obsolete due to automated self-checkouts and no requirement of any kind of human interaction. Beginning of the 20th century, the big transformation of technology has caused more than half of the jobs to go automated — causing the labor market to become extremely competitive for candidates, as employers expect a considerable level of technical skills for entry-level to mid-level positions.

With COVID-19 impacting store closures and bankruptcies in the fashion retail industry, there has been an uptick in the number of online orders and an increase in the U.S. eCommerce spending. This creates an unprecedented demand in hiring for more delivery workers and package handlers at UPS and FedEx in order to speed up the delivery process on millions of orders to consumers — making their services more crucial than it ever was before. COVID will set a new precedent in eCommerce penetration.

UPS is one of the many employers that has been hiring for thousands of workers since the start of the pandemic. They are still currently in good shape as all businesses and consumers drove eCommerce and shipping to a new level. UPS is currently hiring for 100,000 seasonal workers to handle and deliver to meet a surging volume of packages for the upcoming holiday season, with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas approaching. This includes “extra drivers, driver helpers and package handlers”, according to Business Insider.

“We’re preparing for a record peak holiday season. The COVID-19 pandemic has made our services more important than ever,” said Charlene Thomas, chief human resources officer at UPS. “We plan to hire over 100,000 people for UPS’s seasonal jobs, and anticipate a large number will move into permanent roles after the holidays. At a time when millions of Americans are looking for work, these jobs are an opportunity to start a new career with UPS.”

UPS isn’t the only courier industry hiring for holiday workers. FedEx is as well. They are looking to fill many critical openings that fall under these categories: Package Recovery Agent, Package Handler, Maintenance Tech, Operations Manager, CIL Material Handler, Customs Trade Agent, Forklift Operator, Warehouse Worker and Retail Positions.

If you are still looking for a job and have a driver’s license in your area, you may want to consider applying. Due to the growth of eCommerce and a decline in retail, there is an increased need for workers in the courier and delivery services industry especially during this peak holiday shipping season. UPS, FedEx, and USPS will see package volume soar by up to 70% over last year.

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Labor Market Information on UPS and FedEx

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More information on how UPS and FedEx are doing HERE

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